Freight Management

Understand • Manage • Control

Understand: Hospitality Logistics is much more than simply moving freight. It is an understanding of how each purchase order fits into the overall project.

Manage: Having the right group of carriers established that can fit the requirements for each move, and communicating with all parties involved so everyone knows what to expect.

Control: Oversee each move every day. Make sure the vendor, the carrier, and the consignee are all in sync. Be ahead of the issue before it becomes a problem. Always have a solution to the situation at hand.

Freight Installation
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Relationships • Communication

Relationships: Just as our clients put their trust in us, we have to have the trust in our warehouse. We visit with the owners and managers of every warehouse we partner with, and we know their abilities and they know our expectations.

Communication: Knowing exactly what’s in a warehouse at any given time is a must. Know what’s coming in and what’s going out, before it happens. Being reactive to the installers’ needs, does not mean loss of control. Be proactive so you can be reactive.

Installation Management

Accountability • Expertise

Accountability: The hard and proactive work of hospitality logistics pays off. Allowing Worldwide Freight to manage and control the goods from vendor to room leaves no margin for errors. We are accountable for any and all missing or damaged FF&E. Yes, even concealed damage.

Expertise: For all model room, public space, and guest room installations, a Worldwide project manager is on site. The crews we hire are experienced in hospitality logistics installation. Our carpenters, laborers and artwork installers are all professionals, not off the street or from a labor pool. We are there to make sure the job gets done.

Installation Management