More than moving freight

Freight management is more than moving freight, and our team understands, manages, and controls the overall project from start to finish. Our freight management team takes an active role in expediting, carrier selection, and daily tracking.

Freight Management

Expediting • Carrier selection • Daily tracking

Expediting: Our freight management team takes control of the process of confirming and identifying possible issues with each line item of a purchase order. Monthly, weekly, daily communication is made with each vendor to confirm a series of questions surrounding the availability of the goods needed.

Carrier selection: Our team manages the process of choosing the best carrier suited to fulfill the requirements of each specific move, this involves having the database of vetted carriers, providing competitive pricing scenarios and ensuring each carrier is qualified to handle the needs of each move.

Daily tracking: The freight management team manages the daily tracking of all goods on the purchase order. We speak to shippers, dispatchers, drivers and consignees to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We ensure pick times, required delivery times, and access into job-sites and properties, are scheduled and follow up every day. The WFM project managers know every move, every day, and we know the status of the goods we are moving.