Warehouse Management

The Worldwide Freight team takes control

The Worldwide Freight team provides control of all our clients warehouse management needs. Our team builds relationships with warehouse partners, manages expectations, and maintains strong lines of communication with our warehouses.

Along with maintaining the relationships and communication,  our warehouse management team confirms receipt of your product, manages your inventory, and ensures on time delivery to your property.

Inventory Control

Receiving confirmation • Inventory management • Delivery to property

Receiving confirmation: The WFM warehouse management team takes a proactive approach to ensuring the warehouse knows what is being shipped, how it should be received, and how it will be delivered to site. Completing the required paperwork before the goods arrive, based on the PO provided. We understand the importance of side markings and item numbers.

Inventory management: We know what is in storage at any given moment within the life of a project. Our warehouse management team provides accurate reports with an abundance of detail. We maintain accountability within the warehouse, flexibility with always moving schedules, and an open door policy for access to goods

Delivery to property: Our warehouse management team ensures we deliver on time.  We provide the details needed to load the trucks in the days before, and eliminate confusion by outlining the list of goods needed based on the information provided on the receiving reports. We ensure our warehouse partners load the trucks in a way that will help the installation team at the time of delivery.