Freight Warehouse and Install / FW&I for FF&E

The People: experience-Knowledge-Passion

Experience: The Project Management Team at Worldwide has the most hospitality specific experience, period. Each Project Manager has been with the company for over a decade. After tens of thousands of moves, they have seen and met the challenges that only the hospitality industry can create. Knowledge: Our combined years of experience and knowledge in the freight industry is over 100. Dave, Matt, and Casey alone account for over 60 years. Passion: You hear it in their voices every time you call. You see it in the response time to every email. They don’t have to be here, they want to be here.

Freight Management: Understand-manage-control

Understand: Hospitality Logistics is much more then simply moving freight. It is an understanding of how each purchase order fits into the overall project. Manage: Having the right group of carriers established that can fit the requirements for each move, and communicating with all parties involved so everyone knows what to expect. Control: Oversee each move every day. Make sure the vendor, the carrier, and the consignee are all in sync. Be ahead of the issue before it becomes a problem. Always have a solution to the situation at hand.

Warehousing : relationships-communcation

Relationships: Just as our clients put their trust in us, we have to have the trust in our warehouse. We visit with the owners and managers of every warehouse we partner with. We know their abilities and they know our expectations. Communication: Knowing exactly what’s in a warehouse at any given time is a must. Know what’s coming in and what’s going out, before it happens. Being reactive to the installers’ needs, does not mean loss of control. Be proactive so you can be reactive.

installation : Accountability-expertise

Accountability: The hard and proactive work pays off. Allowing Worldwide to manage and control the goods from vendor to room leaves no margin for errors. We are accountable for any and all missing or damaged FF&E. Yes, even concealed damage. Expertise: For all model room, public space, and guestroom installations, a Worldwide project manager is on site. The crews we hire are experienced in hospitality installation. Our carpenters, laborers and artwork installers are all professionals, not off the street or from a labor pool. We are there to make sure the job gets done.

Our Story

Established February 2nd 2002, Cindy and David Barton's simple goal was to be able to support a small family. How? With an idea that a single source can provide accountability for the logistics responsibilities of hospitality projects. Incorporating a management software that provides continuous communication between procurement, vendors, carriers, warehouse, installer and ownership. Worldwide Freight Management is that direct line of communication and accountability. Dave has been in logistics management for 35 years, and has been developing hospitality logistic software and procedures for over 20 years. The continued evolution of this software provides clients with accurate, detailed, and proactive information about every line item on every FF&E and OS&E PO cut. Now, 15 years later, Worldwide Freight Management supports 20 plus families, has an incredibly loyal client base and is the leader in the Hospitality Logistics Industry. Cindy and Dave's focus has been and always will be, ONE business, ONE industry, ONE goal. Helping the Hospitality Procurement world open hotels and resorts on time and under budget. Faith in Christ. Dedication to family. And unwavering ethical values. That is the Worldwide Story.

The People

Emily Barker

Project Manager/Director of Operations
Worldwide’s first employee. Emily has 13 years of Project Management knowledge and experience. She has been instrumental in every facet of the success of the company. From her customer service, to her software design, to her development of operational procedures. She is the “go to ” for every client and every employee. Every brick in the Worldwide foundation has her mark on it.

Matt Metzger

Project Manager/Vice President
Matt has been with Worldwide for 11 years and has over 20 years of experience in logistics management. His approach to project management is no nonsense. His dedication to his craft is unwavering, missing only 3 days of work in 11 years. His ability to manage people, processes, and projects is remarkable. This is a bold statement, but he is the best Hospitality Logistics Project Manager on the planet.

casey shaw

Project Manager/Director of International Forwarding
Casey has been involved with logistics since birth. His father, Mike, was a mentor to Dave 30 years ago. Casey has 10 years of International Forwarding experience before starting with Worldwide 11 years ago. With his rich history and continuous education in International Freight requirements, Casey allows Worldwide to be worldwide.

Nicole Penning

Project Manager/Director of Employee Training
To define Nicole is to look up perfectionist in the dictionary. Her passion is to be as detailed and organized as humanly possible, in everything she does. No T or I goes uncrossed or undotted. She has trained nearly every employee in the building on the operations, procedures, and software system in the last 10 years. If there is a question, Nicole has the answer.

Donna Diamond

“Aunt” Donna has been overseeing the day to day financials for Worldwide Freight since 2012. Her 20+ years of management experience and the solid understanding of standard accounting practices makes her the perfect fit. Because of her love and compassion for all the employees and their families, she has earned the title “Aunt Donna”.

Dan Egan

Director of Warehouse and Installations
Possibly the most challenging position in the company, Dan manages a staff of five, while traveling to over 80% of all our projects. He understands and implements every aspect of our business model; freight, warehouse and installation. His knowledge and experience gives Worldwide a true professional on every property we help open.

Troy Manzella

Project Manager
The son of Dave and Cindy, Troy has been a part of Worldwide for 15 years. He earned his Project Management position by working from the ground up. Excelling in customer service and organizational skills, he is able to keep several projects on track simultaneously. His passion for Worldwide goes beyond his family roots.


Amanada Habian

Project Coordinator

Ava Manzella

Project Coordinator

Ashlyn Gordon

Project Coordinator

Cat Thompson

Project Coordinator

Chris Haney


Cindy Beache


Mackenzie Mainini


Jamie Willingham

Project Manager Warehouse/Install

Kim Jones

Project Coordinator

Nikki Habian

Project Coordinator

Tim Habian

Project Coordinator: Warehouse/Install

Wenona Huff

Project Coordinator

Shannon O’Connell


Jordan Sutterer

Warehouse Coordinator

Joe Pothoff

Truckload Coordinator

Lorna Gerwitz